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(Legal Graphology, Legal Handwriting Expert) One of the issues stemming from trying to define “Legal Graphology” is the misconception many have
regarding the field of “traditional” Graphology – A field in which the writer’s temperament and personality are analyzed. In contrast, the field of Legal
Graphology (Handwriting Recognition) – one in which an expert compares and contrasts known handwritten examples used to identify, include or omit aparticular writer and then comment on the findings in court. The latter makes no room for the writer’s personality and only allows for inclusion/omission of a particular writer.In other words: Legal Graphology is not influenced by the writer’s personality. A Legal Graphologist is only interested in

the identification and inclusion/omission of a person as a possible writer of a known handwriting sample.

At this point in time there are no studies for the field of document inspection and in particular handwriting recognition, and the only way to gain real-world expertise is to apprentice and gain on-the-job experience.

This apprenticeship period, one in which the individual gains the knowledge needed to attain a degree of expertise sufficient enough to be called an “Expert Witness” by the courts may last a period of four years or more and often lasts even longer. 

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